Definition of "commando" [com•man•do]

  • (noun) A small fighting force specially trained for making quick destructive raids against enemy-held areas.
  • (noun) A member of such a force.
  • (noun) An organized force of Boer troops in South Africa.
  • (noun) A raid made by such a force.

Use "commando" in a sentence

  • "Sidiqi is said to have told his interrogators that members of the group were planning to participate in commando-style attacks on major landmarks in Berlin and other European cities."
  • "I suspect the military commando is a tough guy that talks in a tough voice and prepares the troop for the worst missing of their lives."
  • "Once that is complete, a commando from the Chilean navy will be lowered into the mine to evaluate the miners 'health and divide them into three groups: the able, the weak, the most able."

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