Definition of "combustion" []

  • The process of burning. (noun)
  • A chemical change, especially oxidation, accompanied by the production of heat and light. (noun)
  • Violent anger or agitation: Combustion within the populace slowly built up to the point of revolution. (noun)
  • The process of burning (noun)

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  • Any process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to produce a significant rise in temperature and the emission of light (noun)
  • A chemical process in which two compounds, such as sodium and chlorine, react together to produce heat and light (noun)
  • A process in which a compound reacts slowly with oxygen to produce little heat and no light (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "combustion" in a sentence
  • "~ The particular oxides formed by the combustion of any substance are called _products of combustion_ of that substance."
  • "This affinity can thus act across substances, and I want you to see how curiously what we call combustion acts with respect to this force of chemical affinity."
  • "If the Coyote plan was a 30 to 40 year plan, where electricity comes from nuclear power, and transportation combustion is hydrogen based, then at some point in this transition a carbon tax might be useful."