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Definition of "colonne" [colonne]

  • One of the three columns, of twelve figures each, stamped upon a roulette-table. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "colonne" in a sentence
  • "Packing media (2-3 cm glass balls) had already been used by Nicolas Clement of France in an alcohol still referred to as a colonne absorbante and cascade chimique."
  • "In 1948, in my primary school, we had our first "visite médicale" - we got our first jabs, height and weight were recorded, and a doctor checked our shoulders and back (!) to make sure we didn't develop a "déformation de la colonne vertébrale" (scoliose)!"
  • "I understood later on my parents might have been concerned with the chairs, and our good manners, but in fact, they were much more concerned with our "colonne vertébrale" (spine)."