Definition of "colligation" [col•li•ga•tion]

  • A binding together. (noun)
  • The formulation of a general hypothesis which seeks to connect two or more facts. (noun)
  • The co-occurrence of syntactic categories, usually within a sentence. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "colligation" in a sentence
  • "Mill does not disagree, but argues, contrary to Whewell, that colligation by itself is no test of truth."
  • "This “act of thought” is a process Whewell called “colligation.”"
  • "Prior even to Franklin D. Roosevelt this entire colligation of ideas had been impaired by three developments in national governmental practice: first, the growth of Presidential initiative in legislation; secondly, the delegation by Congress of legislative powers to the President; thirdly, the delegation in many instances of like powers to so-called independent agencies or commissions, in which are merged in greater or less measure the three powers of government of Montesquieu's postulate."
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