Definition of "cockle" [coc•kle]

  • (noun) Any of various bivalve mollusks of the family Cardiidae, having rounded or heart-shaped shells with radiating ribs.
  • (noun) The shell of a cockle.
  • (noun) A wrinkle; a pucker.
  • (noun) Nautical A cockleshell.
  • (verb-transitive) To become or cause to become wrinkled or puckered.

Use "cockle" in a sentence

  • "Or has it been an accident that a nation which loved the sea and counted everything that floated human, sent its sons faring forth in cockle-shells to a land when there were still great spaces to be occupied?"
  • "And the cockle are the children of the wicked one."
  • "There are plants called cockle-burs whose seed-pods are provided with stickers in every direction, so that anything brushing against them is sure to pick them up."

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