Definition of "clout" []

  • A blow, especially with the fist. (noun)
  • Baseball A long powerful hit. (noun)
  • Sports An archery target. (noun)
  • Informal Influence; pull: "Women in dual-earner households are gaining in job status and earnings ... giving them more clout at work and at home” ( Sue Shellenbarger). (noun)
  • Informal Power; muscle. (noun)
  • A blow with the hand or a hard object (noun)

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  • Power or influence, esp in politics (noun)
  • The target used in long-distance shooting (noun)
  • The centre of this target (noun)
  • A shot that hits the centre (noun)
  • A short flat-headed nail used esp for attaching sheet metal to wood (noun)
  • A piece of cloth (noun)
  • A garment (noun)
  • A patch (noun)
  • To give a hard blow to, esp with the hand (verb)
  • To patch with a piece of cloth or leather (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "clout" in a sentence
  • "You speculated how the word clout came to mean “to steal.”"
  • "Groups with a lot of members gain clout, but those groups also gain strife."
  • "Bloomberg News CALCULATED RISK: Garanti Bankasi will provide a gateway for BBVA to gain clout in Turkey."