Definition of "clothesbrush" [clothes•brush]

  • (noun) a brush used for cleaning clothing.

Use "clothesbrush" in a sentence

  • "A clothesbrush and a tin cup were the only foreign objects on the overwrought, gilded table to the other side of a red velvet chair beside the fringed canopy bed."
  • "Everything was mentioned, the number of handkerchiefs, the condition of the comb, of the hairbrush and clothesbrush, with sketches showing the position of each item."
  • "Like young Washington, Mr. Bhaer ` couldn't tell a lie ', so he gave the somewhat vague reply that he believed they did some - times, in a tone that made Mr. March put down his clothesbrush, glance at Jo's retiring face, and then sink into his chair, look - ing as if the ` precocious chick' had put an idea into his head that was both sweet and sour."

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