Definition of "clay" []

  • A fine-grained, firm earthy material that is plastic when wet and hardens when heated, consisting primarily of hydrated silicates of aluminum and widely used in making bricks, tiles, and pottery. (noun)
  • A hardening or nonhardening material having a consistency similar to clay and used for modeling. (noun)
  • Geology A sedimentary material with grains smaller than 0.002 millimeters in diameter. (noun)
  • Moist sticky earth; mud. (noun)
  • The human body as opposed to the spirit. (noun)
  • A very fine-grained material that consists of hydrated aluminium silicate, quartz, and organic fragments and occurs as sedimentary rocks, soils, and other deposits. It becomes plastic when moist but hardens on heating and is used in the manufacture of bricks, cement, ceramics, etc (noun)

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  • Earth or mud in general (noun)
  • The material of the human body (noun)
  • To cover or mix with clay (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "clay" in a sentence
  • "The operation of mining clay from the clay pit or quarry is generally referred to as ‘winning the clay’."
  • "If it is nearly all clay it is a _clay loam_; if there is much sand it is a _sandy loam_."
  • "The term clay refers to a number of earthy materials that are composed of minerals rich in alumina, silica and water."