Definition of "circumfluous" [circumfluous]

  • Circumfluent (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "circumfluous" in a sentence
  • "No part of the lunar globe became visible in relief against circumfluous solar radiance on any of the plates exposed at Grenada; and what vestiges of "structure" there were, came out almost better _upon_ the moon than _beside_ her, thus stamping themselves at once as of atmospheric origin."
  • "Even in Milton, though the great poet rejected the earlier idea of a solid firmament, we find prominence given to that of a vast hollow sphere of "circumfluous waters," which, by encircling the atmosphere, kept aloof the "fierce extremes of chaos.""
  • "When I looked at the insular P----, and his active rod, I thought him like to Archimedes who had found his extramundane spot of ground, and, as he threw the fly, and bent his back to let it touch the water lightly, was endeavouring to fasten his lever to the base of the adjacent mountain in order to consummate his wish of raising the world; and the circumfluous R---- with his long tackle, that hissed when he cast it with the petulance of an angry switch, appeared an ocean god, who had selected a shorter route to the North Cape by the"