Definition of "circle" []

  • A plane curve everywhere equidistant from a given fixed point, the center. (noun)
  • A planar region bounded by a circle. (noun)
  • Something, such as a ring, shaped like such a plane curve. (noun)
  • A circular course, circuit, or orbit: a satellite's circle around the earth. (noun)
  • A traffic circle. (noun)
  • A closed plane curve every point of which is equidistant from a given fixed point, the centre. Equation: (x –h)2 + (y –k)2= r2 where r is the radius and (h, k) are the coordinates of the centre; area πr2; circumference: 2πr (noun)

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  • The figure enclosed by such a curve (noun)
  • The section of seats above the main level of the auditorium, usually comprising the dress circle and the upper circle (noun)
  • Something formed or arranged in the shape of a circle (noun)
  • A group of people sharing an interest, activity, upbringing, etc; set (noun)
  • A domain or area of activity, interest, or influence (noun)
  • A circuit (noun)
  • A process or chain of events or parts that forms a connected whole; cycle (noun)
  • A parallel of latitude (noun)
  • The ring of a circus (noun)
  • One of a number of Neolithic or Bronze Age rings of standing stones, such as Stonehenge, found in Europe and thought to be associated with some form of ritual or astronomical measurement (noun)
  • A circular argument (noun)
  • To move in a circle (around) (verb)
  • To enclose in a circle; encircle (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "circle" in a sentence
  • "_ A circle whose center moves around _upon_, or in, the circumference of another _circle_; as the orbit of the moon in its motion with the earth around the sun."
  • "(STANDISH _places the chairs above and below the table in the circle, then the chair on the_ R. _side of the fireplace in the circle_.)"
  • "(_Goes inside circle and sits down up_ C. _in circle_.)"