Definition of "churlishness" [churl•ish•ness]

  • (noun) the state of being churlish

Use "churlishness" in a sentence

  • "It is the audacity with which they conduct themselves, their churlishness, which is so intolerable."
  • ""Thanks to our efforts, wild animals now have more space to roam You have to ask yourself what kind of churlishness would say that is a bad thing.""
  • "-- This is indeed a weakness; but it is a weakness of nature, and which neither religion nor philosophy are sufficient to arm us against; and the very endeavours we make to banish, or at least to conceal our disquiets on this score, occasion a certain peevishness in the sweetest temper, and make us behave with a kind of churlishness, even to those most dear to us."

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