Definition of "chimney-sweeper" []

  • A person whose job is the cleaning out of soot from chimneys (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "chimney-sweeper" in a sentence
  • "And I just bet that somewhere, someone has written a paper on class warfare, images in film, and how the subtext of Mary's song is actually rather unpleasant: to wit, that "she needn't worry about being raped by a black faced member of the lower class, because chimney-sweeper Bert knows his place...""
  • "They may take me for a chimney-sweeper, or they may take me for a duke; which they like."
  • "Before this question could be answered, an offensive smell of soot, making everybody look around the room, the chimney-sweeper already mentioned by Miss Larolles was perceived to enter it."
  • "Cecilia, once again freed from her persecutor, instantly quitted her place, almost equally desirous to escape the haughty Turk, who was peculiarly her aversion, and the facetious chimney-sweeper, whose vicinity, either on account of his dress or his conversation, was by no means desirable."
  • "Just then Cecilia, while looking about the room for Mrs Harrel, found herself suddenly pinched by the cheek, and hastily turning round, perceived again her friend the chimney-sweeper, who, laughing, cried,"