Definition of "chime" []

  • An apparatus for striking a bell or set of bells to produce a musical sound. (noun)
  • Music A set of tuned bells used as an orchestral instrument. Often used in the plural. (noun)
  • A single bell, as in the mechanism of a clock. (noun)
  • The sound produced by or as if by a bell or bells. (noun)
  • Agreement; accord: a flawless chime of romance and reality. (noun)
  • An individual bell or the sound it makes when struck (noun)

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  • The machinery employed to sound a bell in this way (noun)
  • A percussion instrument consisting of a set of vertical metal tubes of graduated length, suspended in a frame and struck with a hammer (noun)
  • A harmonious or ringing sound (noun)
  • Agreement; concord (noun)
  • To sound (a bell) or (of a bell) to be sounded by a clapper or hammer (verb)
  • To produce (music or sounds) by chiming (verb)
  • To indicate or show (time or the hours) by chiming (verb)
  • To summon, announce, or welcome by ringing bells (verb)
  • To agree or harmonize (verb)
  • To speak or recite in a musical or rhythmic manner (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "chime" in a sentence
  • "I think "chime" is a series of repeated notes (as in "Westminster chime") so I think it would be quite apt in this case."
  • "Without any doubt, this project is a truly process of selecting appealing objects and integrating them in chime with the surrounding environment."
  • "I guess no matter what happens, your heart will always beat a certain chime when someone who knew the tune plays the right chords."