Definition of "cheyennes" [chey•ennes]

  • A warlike tribe of indians, related to the blackfeet, formerly inhabiting the region of Wyoming, but now mostly on reservations in the Indian Territory. They are noted for their horsemanship. (noun-plural)

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Use "cheyennes" in a sentence
  • "Cheyennes social organization goes trough a semiannual cycle, for it is impossible with their type of economy for the cheyennes to feed their total population during the fall, winter, and spring unless they disperse the tribe."
  • "The reservation allotted to the Southern cheyennes and Arapahoes is situated in the Indian Territory, south of the so-called "Cherokee Strip" and west of the famous promised land of the "Boomers," the Oklahoma country, and, according to General Sheridan's report to the President in 1885, contains within its limits 4,297,771 acres, "excellent for grazing, and most of the land susceptible of the highest cultivation.""