Definition of "checkout" [check• out•checkout]

  • (noun) The act, time, or place of checking out, as at a hotel, library, or supermarket.
  • (noun) A test, as of a machine, for proper functioning.
  • (noun) An investigation; an inspection.

Use "checkout" in a sentence

  • "When I tried to checkout, there is no huge 2% discount and free shipping! couldn't find the 2% discount and free shipping code when I was trying to checkout~~"
  • "If you want to support Hillary or McCain checkout mifavpolitician. com, it has some cool helarious stuff!!"
  • "I have talked to quite a few people standing in checkout lines at the grocery stores, fast-food places and friends in general, and the majority of them have said that if Clinton wins the nomination, they will switch to McCain."

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