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  • Bobby, full name Sir Robert Charlton. born 1937, English footballer; played for Manchester United (1956–73) and England (1958–70) for whom he played 106 times, scoring 49 goals (noun)
  • His brother, Jack, full name John Charlton. born 1935, English footballer: played for Leeds United (1952–73) and England for whom he won 35 caps; manager of the Republic of Ireland (1986–95) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "K 21/23 or 11e/13e can attest. the charlton was the same I'm afraid, it was a tad too light for what it was ment for. but that said, the ones my old boss knocked-up were a LOT of fun to use (and help make"
  • "I always wondered about the very small club that includes charlton heston (rip), john wayne (rip), ronald reagan (rip), bruce willis, tom selleck. and chuck norris, if he counts as an actor."
  • "Posted October 19, 2006 12: 20 PM bruce charlton writes:"
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