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Definition of "charley-horse" []

  • A muscular cramp (especially in the thigh or calf) following vigorous exercise (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "charley-horse" in a sentence
  • "` ` It was a charley-horse type of effect, '' Trotz said of Ellis 'injury."
  • "Of course there had been plenty of bruises -- one mild case of charley-horse, several dislocated or sprained fingers, a wrenched ankle or two and any number of cuts and scrapes, but none of the injuries had interfered with work for more than three or four days and not once had any first-string member of the 'varsity missed an outside game by reason of them."
  • ""By contrast, if one accepts the irrationalism of Van Til and his followers, a Biblical paradox is a charley-horse between the ears that can never be eliminated and any attempt to do so is a sinful failure to 'think in submission to Scripture' and to acknowledge the Creator / creature distinction.""
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