Definition of "chalice" [chal•ice]

  • (noun) A cup or goblet.
  • (noun) A cup for the consecrated wine of the Eucharist.

Use "chalice" in a sentence

  • "This custom of enclosing the Body of the Lord in a chalice is a sign of the Passion which He undergoes in His human body, the Passion which He Himself describes as a “chalice” when He goes to pray in the garden."
  • "Good points bought up in other comments but I enjoyed this anyway … since I have no idea how heavy gold can be; to me a chalice is a goblet and close enough to a mug to get the idea across; and know nothing about diaphragms, other than they prevent pregnancy."
  • "He also knows that French revolutionary musician Chantal Orateur Deveau, who possesses the chalice is his soulmate; having seen her in a vision and kept that lovely sight in his dreams."

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