Definition of "cerium" []

  • A lustrous, iron-gray, malleable metallic rare-earth element that occurs chiefly in the minerals monazite and bastnaesite, exists in four allotropic states, is a constituent of lighter flint alloys, and is used in various metallurgical and nuclear applications. Atomic number 58; atomic weight 140.12; melting point 795°C; boiling point 3,468°C; specific gravity 6.67 to 8.23; valence 3, 4. See Table at element. (noun)

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Use "cerium" in a sentence
  • "That set off a surge in prices for rare-earth minerals such as lanthanum, often used to make catalysts for refineries, and cerium, which is sometimes used in glass."
  • "Calcium and a rare earth element called cerium hint at the extent of the world's deserts, while sodium is a measure of ocean storminess and sea spray."
  • "It mined europium, which forms the basis of the high-efficiency lighting industry; lanthanum, without which it would be difficult to refine gas; and cerium, which is used to polish the glass on computer screens and cellphones."