Definition of "cell" []

  • A narrow confining room, as in a prison or convent. (noun)
  • A small enclosed cavity or space, such as a compartment in a honeycomb or within a plant ovary or an area bordered by veins in an insect's wing. (noun)
  • Biology The smallest structural unit of an organism that is capable of independent functioning, consisting of one or more nuclei, cytoplasm, and various organelles, all surrounded by a semipermeable cell membrane. (noun)
  • Architecture See web. (noun)
  • The smallest organizational unit of a centralized group or movement, especially of a political party of Leninist structure. (noun)
  • A small simple room, as in a prison, convent, monastery, or asylum; cubicle (noun)

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  • Any small compartment (noun)
  • The basic structural and functional unit of living organisms. It consists of a nucleus, containing the genetic material, surrounded by the cytoplasm in which are mitochondria, lysosomes, ribosomes, and other organelles. All cells are bounded by a cell membrane; plant cells have an outer cell wall in addition (noun)
  • Any small cavity or area, such as the cavity containing pollen in an anther (noun)
  • A device for converting chemical energy into electrical energy, usually consisting of a container with two electrodes immersed in an electrolyte (noun)
  • A small religious house dependent upon a larger one (noun)
  • A small group of persons operating as a nucleus of a larger political, religious, or other organization (noun)
  • A small unit of volume in a mathematical coordinate system (noun)
  • One of the areas on an insect wing bounded by veins (noun)
  • The geographical area served by an individual transmitter in a cellular radio network (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "cell" in a sentence
  • "~ New 'biofuel cell' produces electricity from hydrogen in plain air -- "A pioneering “biofuel cell” that produces electricity from ordinary air spiked with small amounts of hydrogen offers significant potential as an inexpensive and renewable alternative to the costly platinum-based fuel cells that have dominated discussion about the “hydrogen economy” of the future, British scientists reported here today.""
  • "As I was going to my cell I saw big bruisers go into his [fellow prisoner's] cell…."
  • "Each point of the ingrowing lines of the _échelon_ has usually one cell further advanced into the corium than its neighbours, and may be termed the _apical cell_."