Definition of "carp" []

  • To find fault in a disagreeable way; complain fretfully. See Synonyms at quibble. (verb-intransitive)
  • A fretful complaint. (noun)
  • An edible freshwater fish (Cyprinus carpio) of Europe and Asia that is frequently bred in ponds and lakes. (noun)
  • Any of various fishes of the family Cyprinidae. (noun)
  • To complain or find fault; nag pettily (verb)

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Use "carp" in a sentence
  • "No I'm not kidding, on a worldwide basis, the carp is the most prized quarry."
  • "So the carp is the #1 piscatorial prize in the rest of the world?"
  • "If we can get past the name 'carp' and the perception ... we can prove this is going to be a highly nutritious, cheap meal."