Definition of "career" [ca•reer]

  • (noun) A chosen pursuit; a profession or occupation.
  • (noun) The general course or progression of one's working life or one's professional achievements: an officer with a distinguished career; a teacher in the midst of a long career.
  • (noun) A path or course, as of the sun through the heavens.
  • (noun) Speed: "My hasting days fly on with full career” ( John Milton).
  • (adjective) Doing what one does as a permanent occupation or lifework: career diplomats; a career criminal.

Use "career" in a sentence

  • "I know that when I'm advising students, and they are fretting about career choices, and I ask them, what do you *want* to do with your life -- what do you think will make you happy, most of them, I'd say maybe 70% of them, give me this blank stare: as if *happiness* and *career* could have nothing to do with each other."
  • "I have a warm interest in your happiness and career -- yes, _career_ -- I repeat the word."
  • "Madrid Number 9 Youth career 19931995 Andorinha 19951997 Nacional 19972001 Sporting CP Senior career* Years Team Apps ‡ (Gls) ‡ 20012003 Sporting CP 25 (3) 20032009 Manchester United 196"

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