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Definition of "carbon-13" [carbon-13]

  • The least abundant of the two stable isotopes of carbon, 136C, having six protons and seven neutrons (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "carbon-13" in a sentence
  • "There’s also carbon-13, which is too short-lived to bother with, and carbon-14 which is rare but not too rare to be useful for dating relatively young organic samples, as we shall see."
  • "Deriving their energy from the sun and their carbon from carbon dioxide in the air, any given type of plant will typically contain a similar ratio of carbon-12 to carbon-13 as another plant of the same type."
  • "And Prototaxites displayed a much wider variation in its ratio of carbon-12 to carbon-13 content than would be expected in any plant."