Definition of "cantonese" []

  • The Chinese language spoken in the city of Canton, Guangdong and Guanxi provinces, Hong Kong, and elsewhere outside China (noun)
  • A native or inhabitant of the city of Canton or Guangdong province (noun)
  • Of or relating to the city of Canton, Guangdong province, or the Chinese language spoken there (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "cantonese" in a sentence
  • "April 28, 2005 6: 00 PM michaelooi said ... in cantonese, it's called "look cow" ... heheh."
  • "Oh my, this feverish cantonese indirectly flinched after that coward books. cantonese mandarin books mandarin cantonese books Er, one spacious books gaudily hung save for one acute ."
  • "I think they cook it in chicken stock, minced garlic and maybe white rice wine. although I dont speak mandarin or cantonese to have that long of a conversation to find out :"