Definition of "calms" [calms]

  • (verb) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of calm.
  • (noun) Plural form of calm.

Use "calms" in a sentence

  • "And swift tropic night smote the Arangi, as she alternately rolled in calms and heeled and plunged ahead in squalls under the lee of the cannibal island of Malaita."
  • "But thereabouts the regular currents diverging to the north and south have formed a kind of lake of calms, which is sometimes known as the "Whirlpool of Fleurieu.""
  • "Matthew Lieberman at UCLA indicates that when people accurately attach a word to what they are feeling underneath their reactions, it lowers amygdala activation significantly which in term calms them and lessens their tendency to react in a "fight or flight" manner."

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