Definition of "cageful" []

  • An amount which fills a cage to capacity (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "cageful" in a sentence
  • "The sole heiress to her father's bread-flour fortune, she has grown up in a Newport mansion modelled on the Palace of Versailles, and her coming-out ball boasts 800 guests, fountains of champagne, and the release of a cageful of gold-sprayed hummingbirds at midnight."
  • "The pigeons were a cageful of ciphers, stupid, pointy-faced, unwanted."
  • "‘It is well’, the Saddhu whispered, jammed in the calling, shouting, bewildered press — a Persian greyhound between his feet and a cageful of yelling hawks under charge of a Rajput falconer in the small of his back."
  • "They had never had a practical Defense Against the Dark Arts before, unless you counted the memorable class last year when their old teacher had brought a cageful of pixies - to class and set them loose."
  • "Or Wulfgar, who was clever as a cageful of monkeys and who was as much a pleasure in company as Raven-or as skilled in his own way as Cedric."