Definition of "caesarism" []

  • An autocratic system of government (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "caesarism" in a sentence
  • "Why aren't conservatives outraged at the degradation of what we used to believe was a system of representative democracy and the slide into a form of caesarism?"
  • "This is a serious case of demeaning caesarism at work other man in US history has put for tha movement to amend the constitution to satisfy his own ambitions...and yet Arnold soldiers on and like any sweetly smelling bad idea has attracted able and unlikely supporters notably our own Senior Senator, Edward Moore Kennedy."
  • "This is why political parties, even when democratic, exhibit so much hostility to the referendum and to all other measures for the safeguard of real democracy; and this is why in their constitution these parties exhibit, if not unconditional caesarism, at least extremely strong centralizing and oligarchical tendencies."
  • "In the daily struggle, nothing but a certain degree of caesarism will ensure the rapid transmission and the precise execution of orders."