Definition of "cabining" []

  • A small simple dwelling; hut (noun)
  • A simple house providing accommodation for travellers or holiday-makers at a motel or holiday camp (noun)
  • A room used as an office or living quarters in a ship (noun)
  • A covered compartment used for shelter or living quarters in a small boat (noun)
  • (in a warship) the compartment or room reserved for the commanding officer (noun)
  • The enclosed part of a light aircraft in which the pilot and passengers sit (noun)
  • The part of an airliner in which the passengers are carried (noun)
  • The section of an aircraft used for cargo (noun)
  • To confine in a small space (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "cabining" in a sentence
  • "However, cabining the solution to the piracy quandary to the sphere of public force is unnecessarily limiting."
  • "I wonder if "log-cabining" will enter the lexicon."
  • "For example, cabining it to enumerated rights only?"
  • "I wonder if "log-cabining" will enter the lexicon."
  • "I suspect that reviving P or I but not cabining it will be seen by several of the Justices as akin to loading a gun and leaving it on the table for a future Supreme Court to use."
  • "The Eleventh Amendment voided specific provisions of the Treaty of Peace that states feared would grant British creditors actionable claims against them and, by cabining the Treaty Power, additionally prevented the national government from negotiating a new treaty that would have held states accountable for their denials of British claims."