Definition of "by" [by]

  • Close to; next to: the window by the door. (preposition)
  • With the use or help of; through: We came by the back road. (preposition)
  • Up to and beyond; past: We drove by the house. (preposition)
  • At or to: stopped by the bakery; came by the house. (preposition)
  • In the period of; during: sleeping by day. (preposition)
  • Used to indicate the agent after a passive verb (preposition)

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  • Used to indicate the person responsible for a creative work (preposition)
  • Via; through (preposition)
  • Followed by a gerund to indicate a means used (preposition)
  • Beside; next to; near (preposition)
  • Passing the position of; past (preposition)
  • Not later than; before (preposition)
  • Used to indicate extent, after a comparative (preposition)
  • (esp in oaths) invoking the name of (preposition)
  • Multiplied by (preposition)
  • During the passing of (esp in the phrases by day, by night) (preposition)
  • Placed between measurements of the various dimensions of something (preposition)
  • Near (adverb)
  • Away; aside (adverb)
  • Passing a point near something; past (adverb)
  • Past; over and done with (adverb)
  • Aside; behind one (adverb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "by" in a sentence
  • "As a check, ask yourself, "How would my choice of clothing be perceived by my Heavenly my earthly someone with unchecked lustful thoughts.""
  • "STS-117:¬† Manifesting of FDRD will slip by 2 weeks to 31 March, but the Compatibility and Cargo Integration Reviews will only slip by¬†1 week."
  • "Me: “So the confidence interval for the parametric equation can be found by the log of the hazard ratio plus or minus the Z-score times one divided by…”"