Definition of "butterfly" []

  • Any of various insects of the order Lepidoptera, characteristically having slender bodies, knobbed antennae, and four broad, usually colorful wings. (noun)
  • A person interested principally in frivolous pleasure: a social butterfly. (noun)
  • Sports A swimming stroke in which a swimmer lying face down draws both arms upward out of the water, thrusts them forward, and draws them back under the water in an hourglass design while performing a dolphin kick. (noun)
  • Sports A race or a leg of a race in which this stroke is swum. (noun)
  • A feeling of unease or mild nausea caused especially by fearful anticipation. (noun)
  • Any diurnal insect of the order Lepidoptera that has a slender body with clubbed antennae and typically rests with the wings (which are often brightly coloured) closed over the back (noun)

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  • A person who never settles with one group, interest, or occupation for long (noun)
  • A swimming stroke in which the arms are plunged forward together in large circular movements (noun)
  • The simultaneous purchase and sale of traded call options, at different exercise prices or with different expiry dates, on a stock exchange or commodity market (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "butterfly" in a sentence
  • "With an effort, he kept himself from using the term butterfly catchers, “... gentlemen.”"
  • "The term butterfly effect comes from chaos theory, where final outcomes can be completely unexpected given a very small initial impetus."
  • "One that I think of as a butterfly is a woman who “shelved” my kitty-cat."