Definition of "but" [but]

  • (conjunction) On the contrary: the plan caused not prosperity but ruin.
  • (conjunction) Contrary to expectation; yet: She organized her work but accomplished very little. He is tired but happy.
  • (conjunction) Usage Problem Used to indicate an exception: No one but she saw the prowler.
  • (conjunction) With the exception that; except that. Often used with that: would have joined the band but he couldn't spare the time; would have resisted but that they lacked courage.
  • (conjunction) Informal Without the result that: It never rains but it pours.

Use "but" in a sentence

  • "I must have been nuts, but as I say, it's a special night, so I clap my hands and make a few wolf whistles just to be cute,  but then I get to thinking she looks cuckoo up there,  poor thing."
  • "  It took Britain 341 years to name a woman to the highly-prestigious but low-paid post of poet laureate,  but Carol Ann Duffy, the first female and the first openly bisexual holder of the post as well,  has made up for lost time."
  • "I had a tiny bit less love for Idess, but I think it is because Sin overpowered in the book..but I adored Sin...oh, I can't wait for her book :"

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