Definition of "brownish" []

  • Any of various colours, such as those of wood or earth, produced by low intensity light in the wavelength range 620–585 nanometres (noun)
  • A dye or pigment producing these colours (noun)
  • Brown cloth or clothing (noun)
  • Any of numerous mostly reddish-brown butterflies of the genera Maniola, Lasiommata, etc, such as M. jurtina (meadow brown): family Satyridae (noun)
  • Of the colour brown (adjective)
  • (of bread) made from a flour that has not been bleached or bolted, such as wheatmeal or wholemeal flour (adjective)
  • Deeply tanned or sunburnt (adjective)
  • To make (esp food as a result of cooking) brown or (esp of food) to become brown (verb)
  • Of a colour which resembles brown; somewhat brown (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016 : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "brownish" in a sentence
  • "Beige it is — upholstered, carpeted, and painted in brownish, grayish, yellowish hues."
  • "Steve Nash and his teammates served up plates of food, with the menu consisting of white chunks of something in brownish-orange sauce over white rice."
  • "But then after it was fully eclipsed, it turned a kind of brownish-red."