Definition of "bristlecone" []

  • A bristlecone pine. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "bristlecone" in a sentence
  • "For the past decade and a half I've been making an annual pilgrimage to my favorite trees on the planet -- the Great Basin bristlecone pines (Pinus longaeva) of California's White Mountains."
  • "Incidentally, some years Great Basin bristlecone pines awaken in late June, discern (exactly how remains a mystery) that pending summer conditions will be inhospitable; drop back into dormancy drawing upon meager sugar reserves, enabling them to survive for another sleepy 12 months: Giving an entirely new meaning to Fastina lente or make haste slowly."
  • "Ultimately, it's the rising temperatures and droughts associated with global warming that will significantly impinge upon Nature's finest masterpiece -- the near-immortal Great Basin bristlecone pines."