Definition of "brig" []

  • A two-masted sailing ship, square-rigged on both masts. (noun)
  • A jail or prison on board a U.S. Navy or Coast Guard vessel. (noun)
  • A jail or guardhouse, especially on the premises of a U.S. military installation. (noun)
  • A two-masted square-rigger (noun)

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  • A prison, esp in a navy ship (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "brig" in a sentence
  • "The talking point that the military cannot keep the prisoners securely in such facilities as Fort Leavenworth or the Charleston brig is simply laughable."
  • "'Why, aye, ma'am,' answered Ewart, 'they call the brig so at Dunkirk, sure enough; but along shore here, they call her the JUMPING JENNY.'"
  • "Joe Cross had incidentally said that he believed it was a brig, and that night as Rodd lay half asleep, half wakeful, in his cot, kept from finding the customary repose of a tired lad by the heat of the narrow cabin below, the word brig brought to mind the vessel that had so nearly run upon them in Havre-de-Grace, and in a drowsy stupid way he had pictured her tall tapering spars, the flapping of her stay-sail, and the rush of the storm."