Definition of "bragg" []

  • Billy. born 1957, British rock singer and songwriter, noted for his political protest songs; recordings include Between the Wars (1985), Workers' Playtime (1988), Mermaid Avenue (1998), and England, Half English (2002) (noun)
  • Melvyn, Baron. born 1939, British novelist, broadcaster, and television executive; presenter of The South Bank Show since 1978 (noun)
  • Sir William Henry. 1862–1942, British physicist, who shared a Nobel prize for physics (1915) with his son, for their study of crystal structures by means of X-rays (noun)
  • His son, Sir (William) Lawrence, 1890–1971, British physicist (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "bragg" in a sentence
  • "You are my friend and I love you man but winning 1 game out of the last 6 by only a last second bucket is nothing to bragg about."
  • "Not to bragg or anything but I just had my 23rd anniversery on Nov. 1st."
  • "Famous barbecue championship in Memphis lures celebrity pit masters to compete for cash -- and bragg"