Definition of "box" []

  • A container typically constructed with four sides perpendicular to the base and often having a lid or cover. (noun)
  • The amount or quantity that such a container can hold. (noun)
  • A square or rectangle: Draw a box around your answer. (noun)
  • A separated compartment in a public place of entertainment, such as a theater or stadium, for the accommodation of a small group. (noun)
  • An area of a public place, such as a courtroom or stadium, marked off and restricted for use by persons performing a specific function: a jury box. (noun)
  • A receptacle or container made of wood, cardboard, etc, usually rectangular and having a removable or hinged lid (noun)

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  • The contents of such a receptacle or the amount it can contain (noun)
  • Any of various containers for a specific purpose (noun)
  • Any of various small cubicles, kiosks, or shelters (noun)
  • A separate compartment in a public place for a small group of people, as in a theatre or certain restaurants (noun)
  • An enclosure within a courtroom (noun)
  • A compartment for a horse in a stable or a vehicle (noun)
  • A small country house occupied by sportsmen when following a field sport, esp shooting (noun)
  • A protective housing for machinery or mechanical parts (noun)
  • The contents of such a box (noun)
  • (in combination) (noun)
  • A shaped device of light tough material worn by sportsmen to protect the genitals, esp in cricket (noun)
  • A section of printed matter on a page, enclosed by lines, a border, or white space (noun)
  • A central agency to which mail is addressed and from which it is collected or redistributed (noun)
  • The central part of a computer or the casing enclosing it (noun)
  • Either of the designated areas in which the batter may stand (noun)
  • The raised seat on which the driver sits in a horse-drawn coach (noun)
  • A wheeled container for transporting coal in a mine (noun)
  • An accidental mixing of herds or flocks (noun)
  • A hole cut into the base of a tree to collect the sap (noun)
  • A device for dividing water into two or more ditches in an irrigation system (noun)
  • To put into a box (verb)
  • To prevent from moving freely; confine (verb)
  • To enclose (text) within a ruled frame (verb)
  • To make a cut in the base of (a tree) in order to collect the sap (verb)
  • To mix (flocks or herds) accidentally (verb)
  • To confuse (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "box" in a sentence
  • "VIEW FAVORITES yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'US envoy: Iraq war opened \'Pandora\'s box, \' civil war threat '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' The 2003 invasion of Iraq that toppled dictator Saddam Hussein opened a \'Pandora\'s box\ 'of ethnic and sectarian strife that has created the threat of civil war, the US ambassador to Iraq said in an interview published Tuesday."
  • "The housekeeper vows that he never left his glass box at the foot of the stairs from the time Samuel went upstairs first to the time when he came down again, vastly agitated, at a quarter-past one, and sent a message; and during all that time _Denson never passed the box_!"
  • "“o wait… is just cardbored boks…” *kittehs turn over box and look inside. a loud SPLORT sound can be heard from inside the box*"