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Definition of "boron" [bo•ron]

  • A soft, brown, amorphous or crystalline nonmetallic element, extracted chiefly from kernite and borax and used in flares, propellant mixtures, nuclear reactor control elements, abrasives, and hard metallic alloys. Atomic number 5; atomic weight 10.811; melting point 2,300°C; sublimation point 2,550°C; specific gravity (crystal) 2.34; valence 3. See Table at element. (noun)

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Use "boron" in a sentence
  • "My partner: Group 13 of the period table is called the boron group."
  • "a radioactivity characterized by the emission of positive or negative electrons in boron and magnesium, by bombardment with alpha rays."
  • "Meantime, St. Louis-based Senoret Chemical Co. is expanding its line of Terro brand ant - and bug-bait products using a mineral containing the element boron, which is generally considered low in toxicity to humans and animals."