Definition of "boob" []

  • Slang A stupid or foolish person; a dolt. (noun)
  • Vulgar Slang A woman's breast. (noun)
  • An ignorant or foolish person; booby (noun)

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  • An embarrassing mistake; blunder (noun)
  • A female breast (noun)
  • To make a blunder (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "boob" in a sentence
  • "Some new ads about to hit the airways bring new meaning to the term boob tube."
  • "Maybe cuz like it not - a boob is a boob, regardless of if the tit is exposed AND yes, breasts are BOTH sexual & natural objects."
  • "His boob is the one the trolls suck on located near where their intelligence dangles."