Definition of "bollocking" [bollocking]

  • (taboo slang) A severe reprimand. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "bollocking" in a sentence
  • "North Belfast in 2004/5 had a Super screaming for AEP’S due to the amount of casualties only to have them denied by an ACC. Now the ACC got a bollocking from the Health and Safety Executive of all things, instead of being taken disciplined at the very least."
  • "In today's Herald Sun, Gordon Ramsey claims the real reason he apologised about insulting and demeaning remarks he made towards Channel 9's Tracy Grimshaw, was that he received a 'bollocking' from his mum on the phone."
  • "Of course all the constables were familiar with the techniques of football hooligans, having spent many Saturdays with their backs to the game watching the spectators in the various stadiums up and down the country, and as their argument grew heated they reached the point of wishing to demonstrate, to their opposing colleagues, exactly what they meant by "tearing apart", "bollocking", "bottling" and the like."
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