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Definition of "bladder" []

  • Anatomy Any of various distensible membranous sacs, such as the urinary bladder or the swim bladder, that serve as receptacles for fluid or gas. (noun)
  • An item resembling one of the membranous sacs in animals: the bladder of a football. (noun)
  • Botany Any of various hollow or inflated saclike organs or structures, such as the floats of certain seaweeds or the specialized traps of bladderworts. (noun)
  • Pathology A blister, pustule, or cyst filled with fluid or air; a vesicle. (noun)

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Use "bladder" in a sentence
  • "It seems that my baby believes my bladder is an excellent trampoline."
  • "T. MCNAMARA: If she drank a cup of water or a cup of juice, her bladder's pressure were at such an intense point that she would have what they call a bladder burst."
  • "He can also rattle off random details about every microphone, mini-disc recorder or flash recorder on the market, even down to the subtlies of what kind of bladder is in the mic and how that causes some specific interaction with your cable, or why you might be getting a hum from your Maranz 660."