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Definition of "blackwood" []

  • Very dark wood from any of several trees (noun)
  • Any of several trees (especially the acacia) yielding such wood (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "blackwood" in a sentence
  • "Call The seven-way Iverson Combination Whistle in cocobolo or African blackwood is as elegant as the pintail drake itself."
  • "Its use was legalized in 1673 by an act, the preamble of which reads, "The ingenious industry of modern times hath taught the dyers of England the art of fixing, the colours made of logwood, alias blackwood, so as that, by experience, they are found as lasting as the colours made with any sort of dyeing wood whatever.""
  • "We at length, with difficulty, got our horses up a rocky point, on which grew a thick scrub of "blackwood," as Yuranigh called it, an acacia having many tough stems growing thickly together from one root, and obstructing the passage, and covering the ground with its half-fallen and fallen timber."
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