Definition of "black hole" [black• hole]

  • (noun) An area of space-time with a gravitational field so intense that its escape velocity is equal to or exceeds the speed of light.
  • (noun) A great void; an abyss: The government created a bureaucratic black hole that swallows up individual initiative.

Use "black hole" in a sentence

  • "By the early autumn of 1981, Allen had some twenty different issues requiring full NSC attention that were languishing in the black hole that was Meeses inbox."
  • "The Mayan shamans, for example, discovered the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, and their astronomers ascertained the precession of the equinoxes long before modern science did."
  • "When, say, she discovers in Sixteen Candles that a seemingly sweet geek has charged admission for boys to view her pink-polka-dotted panties, she makes her full-lipped mouth a black hole of sheerest teen horror."

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