Definition of "birdling" [bird•ling]

  • A little bird; birdie; a nestling. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "birdling" in a sentence
  • "This done, he broke one of the vials, and when he had sprinkled three drops of the Water of Death on the slain birdling, immediately its torn body grew together again."
  • "There's simply nothing, nothing in the world, that warms the heart so much or makes us feel needed and worthwhile. â¨â¨But sometimes, just like that helpless hatchling struggling for survival, in order to truly help, we need to step away, let it go, and watch that birdling fly."
  • "Once you touch the delicate baby birdling, once you try too hard to help it live, you risk having it abandoned by its own mother and dying; helping can actually cause harm."