Definition of "binder" []

  • One that binds, especially a bookbinder. (noun)
  • Something, such as a cord, used to bind. (noun)
  • A notebook cover with rings or clamps for holding sheets of paper. (noun)
  • Something, such as the latex in certain paints, that creates uniform consistency, solidification, or cohesion. (noun)
  • A machine that reaps and ties grain. (noun)
  • A firm cover or folder with rings or clasps for holding loose sheets of paper together (noun)

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  • A material used to bind separate particles together, give an appropriate consistency, or facilitate adhesion to a surface (noun)
  • A person who binds books; bookbinder (noun)
  • A machine that is used to bind books (noun)
  • Something used to fasten or tie, such as rope or twine (noun)
  • A square meal (noun)
  • A machine for cutting grain and binding it into bundles or sheaves (noun)
  • An informal agreement giving insurance coverage pending formal issue of a policy (noun)
  • A tie, beam, or girder, used to support floor joists (noun)
  • A stone for binding masonry; bondstone (noun)
  • The nonvolatile component of the organic media in which pigments are dispersed in paint (noun)
  • (in systemic grammar) a word that introduces a bound clause; a subordinating conjunction or a relative pronoun (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "binder" in a sentence
  • "He should have noted from the title binder he reviewed before the closing that there had been an estate in the chain of owners within the preceding 10 years."
  • "A section divider in Van Hollen's binder is titled "Third Party Competitives" and tracks their spending."
  • "My abdominal binder is not in the right place and hurts a fair amount, but there's no point in trying to adjust it until I am prone again."