Definition of "bifocal" [bi•fo•cal]

  • Having two focal lengths. (adjective)
  • Having one section that corrects for distant vision and another that corrects for near vision, as an eyeglass lens. (adjective)
  • Embodying two distinct and often conflicting goals, interests, or courses of action: "a smoothly functioning bifocal mind” ( John McPhee). "A bifocal monetary policy . . . has kept one eye on the money supply and the other on interest rates” ( Edward Meadows). (adjective)
  • Eyeglasses with bifocal lenses. (noun-plural)

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Use "bifocal" in a sentence
  • "He produced other inventions as well, such as bifocal eyeglasses and the efficient Franklin stove."
  • "No intermediate lenses but u get optimal distance correction as well as reading. .and u will also look younger with them glasses as they don't have the telltale "bifocal" line."
  • "If not, then you got something "off the rack", and it may just be that the "bifocal" part covers more of the lens than necessary."