Definition of "biddle" []

  • John. 1615–62, English theologian; founder of Unitarianism in England (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "biddle" in a sentence
  • "What a neat liddle package kitteh is, wid hims ankles crossed and his liddle-biddle tailio wrapping it all up wid a flourish."
  • "They're playing Friday, Nov. 13th 8pm at Marquis Theatre (2009 Larimer St.) w/Air Dubai; Saturday, Nov. 14th 10pm at UACK Benefit at Gypsy House (13th and Marion) 10.d. biddle rabbit and the moon (self-released | 2008)"
  • "Iz funz 2 maek teh funnee saownds… afturr awl, az a deer fren ov myne wunce sed: “Norfik plurg, nee id biddle – frorb zorp…”"
  • "How could you not trust that cute iddle-biddle face?"
  • "The biddle who kips watch at the Halbany wodn keep misfortn out of my chambers; and"