Definition of "behavior" []

  • The manner in which one behaves. (noun)
  • The actions or reactions of a person or animal in response to external or internal stimuli. (noun)
  • One of these actions or reactions: "a hormone . . . known to directly control sex-specific reproductive and parenting behaviors in a wide variety of vertebrates” ( Thomas Maugh II). (noun)
  • The manner in which something functions or operates: the faulty behavior of a computer program; the behavior of dying stars. (noun)
  • Manner of behaving or conducting oneself (noun)

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  • The aggregate of all the responses made by an organism in any situation (noun)
  • A specific response of a certain organism to a specific stimulus or group of stimuli (noun)
  • The action, reaction, or functioning of a system, under normal or specified circumstances (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "behavior" in a sentence
  • "One should remember that such diversity in behavior is beneficial when those with particular inclinations criticize another."
  • "When a certain behavior is associated with one group, members of that group may take pains to avoid proving society's generalization."
  • "It also teaches them that certain behavior is not appropriate around others."