Definition of "bee" []

  • Any of several winged, hairy-bodied, usually stinging insects of the superfamily Apoidea in the order Hymenoptera, including both solitary and social species and characterized by sucking and chewing mouthparts for gathering nectar and pollen. (noun)
  • A bumblebee. (noun)
  • A honeybee. (noun)
  • A social gathering where people combine work, competition, and amusement: a quilting bee. (noun)
  • A bee in (one's) bonnet An impulsive, often eccentric turn of mind; a notion. (idiom)
  • Any hymenopterous insect of the superfamily Apoidea, which includes social forms such as the honeybee and solitary forms such as the carpenter bee (noun)

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Use "bee" in a sentence
  • "_There is nothing I wouldn't do for a bee -- a reasonable bee_"
  • "We'll have a bee, and get a lot done, 'Maude said; and she pressed into the _bee_ her father and Dick, and Billy, and Fred"
  • "Mr. Changizi illustrates his message with charts and graphs and even a readout that shows how the sound measurements for a book striking a table directly or hitting a "wrinkly paper" on a table resemble the measurements for the sound of the author saying the word "bee" and the word "pee.""