Definition of "beak" []

  • The horny, projecting structure forming the mandibles of a bird, especially one that is strong, sharp, and useful in striking and tearing; a bill. (noun)
  • A similar structure in other animals, such as turtles, insects, or fish. (noun)
  • A usually firm, tapering tip on certain plant structures, such as some seeds and fruits. (noun)
  • A beaklike structure or part, as: (noun)
  • The spout of a pitcher. (noun)
  • The projecting jaws of a bird, covered with a horny sheath; bill (noun)

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  • Any beaklike mouthpart in other animals, such as turtles (noun)
  • A person's nose, esp one that is large, pointed, or hooked (noun)
  • Any projecting part, such as the pouring lip of a bucket (noun)
  • The upper surface of a cornice, which slopes out to throw off water (noun)
  • The part of a still or retort through which vapour passes to the condenser (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "beak" in a sentence
  • "Size, shape, and strength of chick beak is impacted when the gene is manipulated."
  • "As the Yoon paper states, you have this large diversity of finch species marked off by variations in beak size."
  • "However, this only works when the base of the beak is wet."