Definition of "bay" [bay]

  • (noun) A body of water partially enclosed by land but with a wide mouth, affording access to the sea: the Bay of Biscay.
  • (noun) An area of land, such as an arm of prairie partially enclosed by woodland, that resembles in shape or formation a partially enclosed body of water.
  • (noun) Architecture A part of a building marked off by vertical elements, such as columns or pilasters: an arcade divided into ten bays.
  • (noun) Architecture A bay window.
  • (noun) Architecture An opening or recess in a wall.
  • (noun) a wide semicircular indentation of a shoreline, esp between two headlands or peninsulas
  • (noun) an extension of lowland into hills that partly surround it
  • (noun) an extension of prairie into woodland

Use "bay" in a sentence

  • "The name of this bay has a less unpleasant meaning in the Indian, than in the French language, signifying also _salt bay_, which induced Father"
  • "They arrived in a fine bay on the 15th, twenty-one leagues from the mouth of the straits, called _Muscle bay_ by the English, because of the great quantities of muscles found there, and here they provided themselves abundantly with fresh water and wood."
  • "II. i.254 (37,7) [I'll rent the fairest house in it, after three pence a bay] A _bay_ of building is, in many parts of England, a common term, of which the best conception that I could ever attain, is, that it is the space between the main beams of the roof; so that a barn crossed twice with beams is a barn of three"

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